Wild & Wise Monthly Membership with Tara Wild

Reclaim your inner voice & spiritual guidance through story, ritual & song

We women...we’re feeling so much in these times of change.

We feel the ways that Mother Earth and humanity is suffering. We long to find meaning in the chaos, to feel powerful despite the challenges we face.

We know that our global leaders, celebrities, and religious institutions aren’t going to give us the answers we seek.

Deep down we know that we must learn how to navigate these times of uncertainty and doubt by connecting with our own guidance, to that inner voice who is both wild and wise...

...but she can be so difficult to hear amongst the inner and outer turmoil.

Without her guidance we’re often afraid to speak up about the things that matter most, and we feel lost about how to show up and give our gifts to the world.

It’s time to reclaim her and set her free.

About the Monthly Membership

This monthly membership is designed to support your journey of wild reclamation, where you’ll learn how to deeply listen to your inner voice and spiritual guidance.

You will step into a community that’s devoted to creating an extraordinary life and remembering the old earth-based ways through story, ritual and song...with a special focus on the ancient Celtic traditions.

You will have the opportunity to deepen into a more regular spiritual practice that will strengthen your intuition through offerings that align with the cycles of nature.

Every experience is designed to connect you to the currents of living wisdom that are your birthright, offering the practical guidance you need to show up more powerfully in your life.

When you truly listen to yourself and all of Life, you can use your voice to create change in your life. You become resilient, resourceful, and joyfully rooted into your sense of place in the world...even in times of uncertainty.

What's Included

Singing the Ancestors

This is an online weekly drum circle where you’re invited to either drum and/or sing. At the beginning of our circle, I’ll share a traditional Celtic folk song, and we’ll then come together to share our voices in simple but powerful chants and rhythms. We’ll practice tuning into the heartbeat of Mother Earth in this practice and also our Ancestors, allowing their voices to sing through us. 

If you’re not comfortable singing, this is an opportunity to shed away old beliefs about what you sound like and relish in the sensations of expressing the vibrations of your vocal chords in this way. No one has to hear you and you can practice expressing yourself without judgement.

Celtic Celebration Ceremonies

Samhain • Winter Solstice • Imbolg • Spring Equinox • Bealtaine • Summer Equinox • Lughnasadh • Autumn Equinox

These are the eight festivals that our ancestors lived by. The equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarter days known as the fire festivals. 

There are sacred sites on the Celtic Isles that align with the position of the sun on these sacred days, with some of them dating over 5,000 years old. These traditions are truly as old as time.

These sacred days were filled with mystery and magic, honoring and celebration, dancing and singing, storytelling and crafting, visioning and dreaming. They were times to commune with the ancestors, with nature and all of Life...to set intentions for the cycle ahead.

For each festival, you will be invited to an online 90-minute ceremony to connect with the currents of living wisdom available at these sacred times and to honor these ancient traditions.

New Moon Sacred Stories

Each new moon, I’ll share a story or myth that gives voice to the spiritual wisdom that lives inside the land, sea and sky. We’ll gather online for 30-60 minutes, depending on the story being shared. Many of these stories will have their roots in the ancient Celtic tradition and speak to the wildness and wisdom of the sacred feminine and her archetypal energies. From the Calliach to Sile na Gig and more, you’ll get to connect with the stories of these powerful forces of nature who are longing to awaken in our psyches.

At the end of the story, I’ll ask questions that will guide you to reflect on these archetypal energies that live inside you, and how they show up in your life. We’ll get to share our reflections together, and set intentions for giving voice to these archetypes more in our daily lives.

Full Moon Guided Journeys

Each full moon, you’ll receive a guided journey recording that will connect you to the archetypal energies explored in the New Moon Sacred Stories in a more embodied way. You can listen to the recording at your own convenience when you have space and time to relax into these currents of living wisdom outside of your linear mind to receive spiritual guidance and messages.

Reading List

You will receive a reading list for deeper study and reflection. This will be a living document that we can all add to as a way of generously resourcing one another’s journeys of remembering and reclamation.

Community Support

You will receive access to a private community where you can connect with others who are on this heartfelt journey of reclamation and remembering. This is a place where you can share reflections and insights about your journey with your inner voice and the spiritual guidance you’re receiving. You can also use this space to connect about your experiences from the offerings being shared.

About Tara Wild

Tara is a storyteller and womxn’s educator. She’s been on a journey of remembering and reclamation for the past ten years, following the Celtic traditions of old, honoring the sacred scriptures left in her blood and bones.

She’s worked with womxn’s organisations over the past five years, including TreeSisters: women seeding change. She’s trained as a Women’s Moon Circle facilitator with Moon Mná based in Dublin, Ireland, and she’s currently training to be a Priestess of the Rose with the Woman Rising and Goddess Rising Mystery Schools.

She journeys to the Celtic Isles regularly for pilgrimage and is an avid photographer. She’s a storyteller, entrepreneur, and has created and directed films for the past ten years.

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