The Roundhouse Membership Community

A journey into nature-based feminine wisdom from the Irish traditions

The Loss of our Feminine Wisdom Traditions

For a very long time, feminine wisdom has been lost, buried, and hidden from us. As women, we’ve been burned at the stake for our earth-based wisdom and ways of healing, banned from our inheritance as spiritual leaders, severing us from our true sense of self, our connection to land and lineage, and our innate magic. 

Every attempt has been made to cut us off from our roots and heritage. But here’s the good news…


It's time to Awaken your Feminine Magic

I’ve been on a journey of remembering for over ten years, devoted to nature based feminine wisdom and the Irish traditions, and I’ve seen time and time again the power of women reclaiming this ancestral wisdom.

A woman who carries ancestral wisdom is unstoppable. She becomes a force of nature, awakening and unleashing her magic as she connects with the wisdom of the Earth, the voices of the Ancestors, and the guidance of the Skies above. Through this wisdom, she activates her Inner Wise Woman.


The Benefits of this Journey

• This journey will weave you into a meaningful relationship with the feminine mysteries of the ancient Irish tradition through story, ritual & song.

• You will be guided to reclaim aspects of your feminine self through powerful archetypes and goddess wisdom, bringing forward wild and wise parts of yourself that are longing to be embodied and expressed.

• You will learn about ancient ancestral practices & folk magic from the Irish tradition that will awaken you to your own innate magic.

• You will step into a sacred circle of sisterhood where you can share your experiences, connect and belong. (And if you’re not interested in connecting in sisterhood, that’s fine too!)

• You will engage in regular spiritual practices that will strengthen your intuition, sense of self, and place in the world.

• Every experience is designed to connect you to currents of living wisdom that are part of the fabric of the earth, with a strong focus on the sacred cycles and seasons.

Meet Tara

Hello beloved, my name is Tara Wild and it’s my great honor to be your guide on this journey of sacred remembrance. I’m a women’s educator, storyteller and songstress. I’ve been on a journey of remembering and reclamation for over ten years, honoring the earth based feminine wisdom left in my blood and bones.

I believe that this wisdom is awakening inside so many of us in these times of transformation and change, and my greatest passion is connecting women to the wisdom of their ancestors.

I’m the creator of The Roundhouse, an online membership community that lovingly guides women into nature based feminine wisdom from the Irish traditions. I also host courses, ceremonies, and workshops that serve thousands of women every year.